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TV-Review America's Got Talent, Top Chef Masters-The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

It's coming upon the TV doldrums of summer and America's Got Talent steps up to fill the void.

Can a guy whose claim to fame is his ability to put a drill of his nose really win this thing?

Also, the new BravoTV cooking contest doesn't quite meet the standards of its cousin "Top Chef". For the "Top Chef Masters" cook up stuff way too heady for the humble home cook.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

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”America’s Got Talent”-2009-Looking for the Next Susan Boyle

I tuned in to the premiere episode of America’s Got Talent, the 2009 edition, with a lackluster enthusiasm. First, we are entering the dog days of summer when most TV shows are afterthoughts at any rate. Second, early on in these types of reality contest shows, even the vaunted American Idol, the shows are mostly contrived affairs, filled with ridiculous froufrou to attract the curious who might not tune into this show during its more serious moments. The guy running an electric drill into this nose won’t make it to the final rounds more than likely so the early shows feature this “act” to attract viewers more interested in serious contenders.

To my surprise, a local yokel radio talk show host, Don Geronimo in fact, part of the famous radio “Mike and Don” pair who just got an afternoon gig here in the swamps of Delaware-WGMD, started talking about America’s Got Talent. He wanted the opinions of us minions out here in the swamps so I called him up. Don specifically mentioned Susan Boyle, that famed middle-aged singer from “Britain’s Got Talent” who rocketed to fame via a Youtube clip of her pretty voice.

At any rate I had a polite on-air discussion with Don Geronimo but more than anything, this incident picqued my interest and stoked my enthusiasm for this series.

Like I told radio guy Don, who had been too complaining about America’s Got Talent, how it’s pale compared to its British cousin, you got to approach AGT with a sense of humor, with a bit of whimsical curiousity.

My husband asked who on earth would want to watch a man run an electric drill in his nose? I told husband I have more respect for a man who has spent yay many hours (who knows how many hours you have to practice to drill in your nose without jamming into your brain?) practicing such a weird task than half of those jokes in congress who have nothing going for them, not even a brain to damage.

Consider that Mark Sanford guy, and yeah he’s a Republican. I’d rather watch a man run a drill into his nose than listen to that crazy Sanford going on and on about the love of his life and his need to leave his job behind, as well as his wife and sons, to run off to Argentina. Today this fool compared himself to King David.

An honest man spending endless hours perfecting the trick of drilling up his nose has my respect way more than this goofball Governor who is evidently controlled by his dangling male parts than any sort of brain matter.

America’s Got Talent is amusing to watch, way more amusing than American Idol in so many ways. Like all of these shows, there’s always jokers applying to win that have not a chance. The audience is left wondering if these people really think they can win a million dollars by dressing up like a robot and making fart noises.

It’s a hoot. And in the midst of a long, hot summer, what else could so capture our fancy?

Below a remix of the good, the bad and the ugly of the America’s Got Talent Contenders from the premier show of 2009. With my wise commentary inserted, of course.

BravoTV’s “Top Chef Masters”

So I really like BravoTV’s “Top Chef” series and of course I tune into this new offering titled “Top Chef Masters”. These are the vaunted Chefs who judge the culinary offerings of the Top Chef contenders and this contest brings the cream of the cream in this reality show competition to compete for a prize of their own.

The stakes, as should be obvious, are very high. For the winner of the “Top Chef Masters” might be considered the best culinary artist of them all.

I’ve by now watched two episodes of this series and nothing these culinary gurus make appeals to my appetite. In fact, even the dishes presented by Top Chef contenders is not normally a meal the likes of me normally eats. BUT I do see plenty of dishes I’d give a try. These Top Chef Masters, hey, I guess I’m too much of a culinary Rube to be eating such as wild boar and banana mustard.

What’s even more surprising is how the judges wax rhapsodic about these Godforesaken foods hatched up by these masters of the meal. Every judge raved over wild boar and hey, if wild boar was so damn good, first, why don’t these chefs serve it up in their own eateries? Second, why isn’t wild boar more widely available in this country if such experts as these judges consider it such a treat? I obviously didn’t taste the stuff but I thought the meat looked perfectly awful.

I will likely continue to watch this show for the intrigue but frankly the art is a bit too advanced for my humble tastes and appreciation.

I’m not at all convinced this series will be watched by most of your average America save die-hard foodies.
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