Sunday, October 25, 2009

Project Runway-the Women Will Win; "Cougar Town"-Trying to Save Courteney Cox-It Won't Work; Top Chef-Cooking Relay Team

We begin with a review of "Cougar Town", a confused mess to rescue "Friends'" star Courteney Cox's waning career. Why it won't work.

On to Project Runway and the Hollywood and Greek outfit could be purchased at Walmart. The women are running away with this thing.

Top Chef Vegas has a cooking relay challenge and this was a hoot. On to a restaurant challenge and the one sent packing didn't even work the kitchen!

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day

Cougar Town-A Bigger Zero Than Obama

ABC Web Site for This Series.
After being out of the dating game for so long, Jules Cobb is finally putting herself back on the market. But starting over isn’t easy when your running your own real estate business, your two best friends are each other’s best frenemies, your son is embarrassed by everything you say and do and your ex-husband still drinks his morning coffee in your kitchen. Yes, Jules is a mother to the world, but now she’s finally putting herself first. Well, at least she’s trying. And with a little help from her friends she’s discovering it’s never too late to live like a twenty-something, even if you’re forty-something. Welcome to the world of crazy parties, hot boyfriends, and free limo rides. But be careful, side effects include: embarrassing photos, late night food comas, and all day hangovers.

Courteney Cox. I can imagine the scenario now.

The ABC exec gives a skeptical look to Courteney Cox’s agent.

“I don’t know, Bob. Courteney was great on “Friends” but what’s she done since? “

“That’s just the point, Sam. She’s done not much of anything since. Which is why this show will pull all the old “Friends” fans in, just to see her again.”

Bob hoped his plea would work. If he doesn’t push through this project for Courteney she will likely fade from sight. He’s got to get her this series.

“Yeah, but she’s like…middle-aged, right? You don’t think this will backfire?”

“She’s a beautiful middle-age in the series, Bob. A lot of the former “Friends” fans are right about Courteney’s age now. They’ll tune in for the memory and they’ll stay for the modern, upbeat story line.”

Bob continued to scratch his head, reading the story line. Sam felt a cold sweat wash over him.

“Cougars, Sam. It’s perfect. Middle-age women going after younger men…it’s part of that modern day …,” Bob looked to the ceiling for the proper words. “…that modern women’s lib thing. Why can’t women have younger guys? Older men go after younger women all the time. This is a perfect role for Courteney. And we have a cool storyline including the guys as well.”

“I don’t know, Bob. Her ex-husband hangs around? The husbands of her friends are all involved in Courteney’s character’s life? You think this will attract male viewers?”

Bob jumped from his chair, now very exasperated. “It’s got everything, Sam. It’s got women bonding, it’s got men bonding, it’s got a modern-day mother-son relationship, adolescent angst. It’s got a pretty middle-aged divorcee struggling to build a new life for herself. She gets into a relationship with a handsome young dude, she becomes a mentor for her young assistant, she provides a good female role model for her teenage son, she cares enough for the man she was married to for so many years to help him move on with his life. She’s pretty and still sexy enough to be easy on the eyes. We even have a love interest built in with her recently divorced male neighbor that we’ll be able to build up to a huge finale as they eventually fall in love. Courteney’s a known commodity from her many years on “Friends”. I’m telling you, Sam, this series is a winner.”

And so we have ABC’s “Cougar Town” and it’s everything to everyone and ends up being a confused mess, not funny, hokey, silly, not believable, stereotypical, dumb and won’t last much past six weeks, if that long.

It’s exactly as I described in my little fictional scene above. For Courteney Cox needs- quick- some exposure before she’s forgotten in the Hollywood scene. Courteney’s former sidekick, Jennifer Aniston, does get an acting role once in a while, as she also seems to constantly get caught topless and there’s also that Brad Pitt thing.

Courteney has not much of nothing going on.

And so we have Cougar Town. As if this mangled attempt to create a comedy series by waving a finger in the air will bring Courteney Cox back from an actresses’ living dead.

It won’t work.

Top Chef Vegas-the Restaurant Wars

There were some weird challenges on the Top Chef Vegas episode aired 10/21/09. The quickfire challenge had something called tag team cooking.

Two teams were formed of four contenders per team. Each team would have a member spend ten minutes in the process of preparing a dish. The first member would get the ingredients, the second would prep the food, the third would continue the cooking and the fourth would finish the dish and plate the dish.

The blue team included Jennifer, the unbeatable Kevin, Lauren and Mike. The red team included the Volt brothers, Robin and Eli. The blue team won ten thousand dollars for winning the quickfire challenge and they let the money ride in hopes of doubling it for the elimination challenge.

The elimination challenge consisted of having the same teams each plan a menu and run a restaurant, serve a dinner service, provide décor and get it all done with $1,500 for food and restaurant supplies.

There was some drama what with the senior Chef of the contenders, Robin, on the team with Eli and the Chef brothers and the usual fussiness the chefs seems to have with Robin.

The red team won the elimination challenge. The blue team winner of the quickfire lost their ten thousand dollars. The red team’s Michael won the prize for the best meal and it was time for somebody to be eliminated.

It must be said now that Robin is not long for this series. She does, for now, provide some interesting and very scripted drama in her “role” as the oldest chef-contender who gets on the last nerve of the younger Top Chef contenders.

But it was Laurean who got sent home this week and it was mostly because Laurean did a lousy job in her charge of running the front of the restaurant of the red team.

Robin does make a few great dishes and these mostly dessert entrees have carried her through.

Look for Robin to go home soon and look, again and as predicted before, for Kevin to win this thing.

”Project Runway” 2009 Winner Will Likely Be Female

The female designers left include Gordana, Irina, Carol Hannah and Althea. The male designers left include Logan and Christopher.

Logan and Christopher constantly seem to end up in the bottom three and Gordana flirts with elimination as well. But maybe it’s the woman’s totally unkempt hair that makes her seem like a loser to me.

The fashion challenge this week had each designer assigned a locale somewhere on this planet. They then were to design and create an outfit that would best represent a female living, visiting or hanging around this assigned locale.

Rest assured that Georgetown, Delaware was not one of the locales assigned. The happening, hip locales included Santa Fe, Aspen, Palm Beach, New York, Saint Tropez, Hollywood and Greece.

Christopher designed the ugliest look for a hip Santa Fe female I’ve ever seen and Nicholas came up with something supposed to represent Greece but looked like a frock I could buy at a Target drug store.

Logan came up with a Hollywood design that looked a little more upscale, maybe a J.C. Penny’s outfit. All of the remaining fellows came in the bottom three with Nicholas finally getting the boot off the show he so deserved.

Carol Hannah, Gordana and Irinia came in the top three while Althea scored enough to be held over to the next competition.

With further verbiage, pics below with more snarky commentary on each pic.

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