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Jillian Begins a Quest to Find a Husband on The Bachelorette

Melissa Rycroft got rejected soundly by last year's Bachelor Jason Mesnick. But it's Jillian who moved on to The Bachelorette to find her soulmate from a pool of 30 at the start.

Did Jillian have some surgery since last season's The Bachelor?

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The Bachelorette Jillian Begins Her Quest for Love

Ah but ABC’s rather ridiculous series, The Bachelor, begins in the form of The Bachelorette, with the star being Jillian, a reject by Jason Mesnick from last season’s The Bachelor.

Though I term the show ridiculous, I do like to watch it because if ever a reality show was a lesson in effective scripting, it is the Bachelor. Personally I think the would-be Bachelor/..ette probably chooses a contender that they’d like to get to know better fairly early on. Note I don’t assert that the would-be Bachelor/…ette chooses a contender that they’d like to MARRY early on because I don’t think that’s how it all comes down.

The show does, due to the drama and attempts to pull in an audience, have its would-be Bachelor/…ette assert early, often and loudly, that he or she is definitely looking for a spouse. Which is probably true, in a manner, in that most single folk are looking for a spouse as most of us do, boom, get married at some point in our life.

I also suppose that there’s probably some hope that a future spouse will arise from the mob of 25-30 who begin a Bachelor/…ette series. But let’s be honest here. Our nightclub, singles clubs, online hookup experiences don’t have us choosing someone to marry as we peruse the offerings. Initially we look for someone we might enjoy spending some time with and maybe someone we could have a future with, ideally all in the same person.

The Bachelor series have only had one wedding and that was from way long ago. What happened to the Navy doctor fellow? How about the English guy who chose the dingbat hot blonde? There’s been others and yet, only a Tristan wedding out of yay many. Remember the once ubiquitous Deanna and her goofy snowboarder.

Not that there’s anything wrong with this. If the Bachelor…ette in contention for the title spends time away from the camera with his or her chosen and it doesn’t work out, I suspect there’s nothing in the contract that says they HAVE to get married. All that talk about marriage as each season begins is just to get the audience hyped.

Below I found a couple of pictures of Jillian from last year’s The Bachelor just for giggles and grins.

Below, the pic of Jillian on the season’s premiere show.

First thing, I think Jillian had her upper lip Botoxed. I obviously have no proof of this but that lip looked thicker and it seemed that Jill acted like, well someone who had their upper lip Botoxed.

Beyond that, Jillian looked lovely and she sure had a bevy of fellows interested in her.

Normally the season starts out with a stable of 25 for the Bachelor…ette contender. According to show host Gregory Harrison, the applicants for contenders for the hand of Jillian were so many that an additional five more, up to 30 now, were added to the lineup.

Having these additional contenders would make the season last longer as I see it. Of course if things start to get boring or viewership straggles, more than one can be eliminated to get the time under control.

Adding these extra contenders makes me thing the Bachelor producers consider that this show has been very successful and might be more successful in the future.

So we’ve got breakdance instructors, pilots, a British guy, a winemaker and a contractor who works with his mother.

We’ll meet more of the contenders for Jillian’s hand on this Blog in the future but for now we introduce Jillian and promise to keep up on her progress at finding a “husband”…wink, wink.
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