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It's Joan on Celeb App 09 and Paula on Hell's Kitchen 09-Says I

She doesn't have a glorious head of hair and blue eyes to die for. But she's sober and serious and mature.

So why choose the pretty guy to run the restaurant in Hell's Kitchen 09?

It's all Joan Rivers, all the time. Now she's one of the finalists on Celeb App. 09, but of course.

When I heard some woman had a face transplant, I thought it might be Joan.

Since we've suffered Ms. Rivers 24/7 this past Celeb App. season, do you think maybe she could lose the thing?

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Paul and Danny Left to Win the Hell’s Kitchen Cursing Contest

Hells kitchen logo

09 two finalists hells kitchen

Once again I must complain about all the needless cursing that goes on and on in the Hell’s Kitchen reality series.

I understand that the cursing is part of the show’s “persona” as it were, but having so many curse words requires a constant bleeping that I find so annoying. If they want to continue the cursing lest we think that Gordon Ramsey has gone soft on us, why can’t they have like a whole minute somewhere in the show where he does nothing but curse? Bleep out this entire minute, get it over with, the viewer will understand that Gordon cusses and admire or despise him as is their wont. With the bleeping then complete, the viewer can settle in and watch the cooking go on.

We’re down to two finalists and they’re both quite good. Danny has a gorgeous head of hair and very pretty blue eyes. Two things, I understand, that do not necessarily make a good cook. But to win a contest on a TV show, I argue that it helps.

Danny’s lament is that during most of the challenges throughout the duration of the contest, he always seemed to come in second, missing the win by a hair.

Paula is the second finalist and in keeping with Danny’s lament, I think Paula’s going to win this thing.

5.7.09 hells kitchen montage

Paula doesn’t have pretty blue eyes and a head full of thick, wavy hair, but she’s a pleasant enough looking young woman. She has a quiet, serious but sturdy nature about her. I think she’s just more mature than Danny is all and if I were Chef Ramsey I’d choose Paula in a minute over Danny.

The final show is scheduled for Thursday 5/14/09. On a note of serendipity, former contenders who had been eliminated will be working with the two finalists on their final challenge, which is operating part of Hell’s Kitchen which has been decorated per each finalist’s taste with a menu created by each finalist.

Some of these former contenders are NOT liked at all. It’s a scripted kind of thing but it should add interest to the finale.

Below, the humorous introduction of those former contenders back into the contest.

It’s All About Joan Rivers on Celebrity Apprentice 2009

Finalist montage CA 09

Of course Joan Rivers is one of the two finalists in this most scripted of reality shows ever to appear on a TV screen in the land. Annie Duke is the other finalist and goodness knows the scripts over the past few weeks have had Joan making enemies with Annie for absolutely nothing, even comparing her to Hitler once. Heh.

The most recent challenge, on Sunday 5/3/09, had the two remaining teams charged with creating a new jingle for “Chicken of the Sea” tuna fish.

Annie Duke and Brande Roderick on one team, with Clint Black, Joan Rivers and Jesse James on the other. Annie’s team won. Her partner, blond and pretty Brande was fired. Clint Black and Jesse James were fired from the other team. I don’t know why. Well I DO know why.

But the reality is that Joan had very little to do with the Chicken of the Sea task so why she remained when her other team-mates were fired kind of defies common sense.

Except that it’s in the script. Heh.

CA Chick of Sea montage

Joan Rivers is the most well known of all the contenders in this year’s Celebrity Apprentice, I’ll allow. But the viewing audience has had Joan’s fake face (when the news came out that some woman had a face transplant, I thought it might be Joan) shoved front and center for damn near every episode.

She gets a prime spot in every challenge. She’s the big blabbermouth in the board room. It’s All Joan, All Day, All Joan.

Of course in order to add drama and suspense, Joan needed an enemy. For a while it looked like it was going to be Clint Black. Except Clint Black is a harmless fellow who always wears an ethereal smile on his face.

Then the camera honed in on poor Annie Duke. Annie’s fame comes from being a poker player. Joan, naturally, asserts that poker players are the scum of the earth and at some point she declares that the very affable Duke is the female equivalent of Adolf Hitler.


Still and so, I shall watch the final episode on Sunday 5/11/09 with a curiousity.

It sure would be nice if Joan Rivers would LOSE this thing, just so I can believe there’s a little justice in this world of celebrities with not much going for them except their famousness.

Below a short montage of the two Chicken of the Sea jingles by each team.

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