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The Grammys 09-Our Own Unique Fashion Awards; Top Chef; Dance With Stars Dancers Announced

So the Grammys for 2009 have been handed out and now's the time for my own fine and unique fashion awards for same.

Plus a cooking show overlooked but amongst the best…TOP CHEF.

Dancing With the Stars 09 Dancers Announced.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day
Paul McCartney holds prostethic leg

Grammys 2009 Annual Fish Fashion Awards/Review

Just for giggles and memory, here’s a link to last year’s Grammy fashion awards as compiled by The Wise I.

My DVR did something weird while taping this show. Thus I lost about half the program but no fear, I found some pics and had enough of my own to present my fantastic fashion awards as is my wont.

Since I missed quite a bit of the show, about half due to either strange sounds like aliens speaking or a voice repeating over and over that I’ve got the Spanish speaking broadcast of this show and to get English I should hit some button. I rebooted that hellacious cable box from Comcast (this is the THIRD one, folks…where do they make these things…Kenya?) and was able to get part of the show on DVR.

So I have a few comments gleaned from that which the cable box from hell plus the little kitchen TV allowed me to see of the award show.

First, Al Gore, sheesh will this guy ever go away? He won the best speaking album award for his alleged book “Earth in the Balance”, that book nonsense about global warming, the scam to end all scams. Gore won a Nobel prize too, yeah right, life is fair folks. I gotta complain now before the Fairness Doctrine shuts us all up who dare to critique these icons of intellectualism.

Also in my pitiful notes is a comment about Justin Timberlake and his poor excuse for a sense of humor. Something about a “general” store that was not funny. I also note that the band Coldplay seemed void of talent to this admittedly older woman. Hey, they won lots of awards so what do I know? Except that one part where some guy sat and tapped out some godawful song on a tinny piano was boring as all get out.

Finally, one of my favorite songs, “Stay”, by Sugarland, won a major award so all was not lost.

Beyond that, below my tongue-in-cheek fashion awards and below that, a short video obtained from Comcast’s pathetic excuse for a DVR cable box of the few highlights of this year’s show.

Grammy 09 pic montage

montage 1 from grammys 09

montage from 2009 grammy awards

montage 3 from 2009 grammy awards

Dancers on “Dancing With the Stars” 2009 Announced

This hit ABC series is scheduled to premier on 3/9/09. I do have a separate Blog set up for critiquing this reality series that I quite enjoy, HERE.

This year there are some unique changes. First, we have two couples competing on the series, Ty Murray and Jewel AND Chuck Wicks and Julianna Hough. Hough was a professional dancer on this series so I guess she will be the same while her husband, Chuck Wicks will be a contender.

Also, Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff, who are newly engaged, will be working together as professional dancers for this year’s contest.

There’s something for us boobs out here in la-la land, something called “Design a Dance”. I imagine we’ll hear more about this as the contest unfolds.

Finally, this year we will have something called a “dance-off”. This is featured on another dancing show, Bruno and Carrie Ann’s show I believe. This rule requires that the two bottom dancers as voted by the audience will have to “dance off” and the judges will pick one to be eliminated. Although I reserve the right to be wrong about this and will catch up on the new rules in due course.

With no further ado, the 2009 “Dancing With the Stars” contenders:

-Ty Murray
-Belinda Carlisle-lead singer Go-Go's
-David Alan Grier-Actor
-Shawn Johnson-17 years old...olympic gold medal winner
-Lil Kim-rapper, singer and actress
-Gilles Marini-Actor
-Steve-o-MTV Star
-Nancy O'Dell-TV hostess..."Access America"
-Denise Richards-Actress-married to a Sheen
-Lawrence Taylor-NY Giants football Hall of Famer
-Chuck Wicks-singer and songwriter
-Steve Wozniak-Apple computer wiz

Top Chef 2009

Bravo’s Top Chef cooking competition is not quite as homey as Food Network’s “Next Food Network Star”. For one thing, the contenders are generally well-trained and experienced chefs or graduates of fancy cooking schools. The Food Network Star is more apt to be a master of macaroni and cheese than Fois Gras.

Still I find this contest moves quickly along and I enjoy watching the new show each week. The show begins with something called a “quickfire” challenge. Usually some famous chef I never heard of is the judge of this short contest. This past week the quickfire challenge was to make something new and unique with eggs.

montage final five top chef 2009

The winner of this challenge is, in the early stages of the contest, immune from elimination after the major challenge later in the show. Later in the contest, the winner of the quickfire challenge gets some special advantage in the major challenge, like being able to pick a key ingredient over the others or first choice at choosing a partner if the challenge so requires.

Carla won the quickfire challenge with the eggs. While the other contenders made everything from soup to nuts with the simple egg, Carla made green eggs and ham (think Dr. Seuss) and won praises from the famous chef I never heard of.

The contest is now down to four finalists and the entire contest will be moving to Puerto Rico. My favorite is Carla. Carla is someone I’d quite enjoy spending an afternoon with and hey, I’d eat her cooking. She used to be a model than went to cooking school. She’s quirky, smart and pleasant as all get out. Rather strange looking too, but in a pleasant way. Her smile lights the evening sky.

Stephan, it would seem, is likely destined to win but I will always love Carla.

The semi-finals of this contest from Puerto Rico begins this coming Weds. Night at 10 pm-2/18/09. First run episodes of each contest airs on Weds. Nights at 10 pm.

Tune in for the semi-finals and finals and tell me if Carla isn’t a sweetie.
The Bachelor 09-Jason, continues on his quest for true love.

The favorite bachelorette as I see it has parents who refuse to participate in this bastardization of true love.

No surprise as to who was sent home.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.


Hollywood rounds continue on for American Idol 2009 and some real surprises sent packing and some real drubs remain.

All with pics and video you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Amidst talks of stimulus bills that are robberies of the treasury, we go to signs of spring, odes to missing socks, the prettiest handwriting in the world and much more.


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