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The Golden Globes 2009-Potty Mouths, No Class, Fashion Awards You'll See Nowhere Else on the Internet

The Golden Globe awards, heh, you gotta love this paean to empty person hood. We’ve got potty mouth celebrities and fashion awards like none you’ve ever seen before.

Plus a new ABC show that lies and a "24" update.

Pic of the Day
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Golden Globes 2009

Official Web Site of Golden Globes

I’m a bit of a fashion follower although you’d never know it to look at me. So I watch various award shows just to see what folks are wearing. At times I even pay attention to the awards.

Below a picture montage of my own fashion awards, with pics you’ll find nowhere else on the Internet.

I did watch the show a bit and it was, as they all are, boring. First, Sting calls himself a “social activist”? This must be a craze started by Obama, who, for lack of credentials, called himself a “community activist”. Neither of these jobs pay much I suspect.

Sally Field didn’t bother to comb her hair but I can’t stand her anyway. She plays the maven in that liberal show “Brothers and Sisters” and on this past episode she poked fun at Ann Coulter. Sure it was her line but that show tries so hard to make conservatives look bad and yet that dopey story line with the brother on drugs after a return from Iraq gets nowhere. Sally field tries to come off as so cool, smart and liberal but she’s an ageing talentless nothing, let’s face it.

Further, who the hell are these foreign journalists and by what standards do they go giving out awards?

Let us end my short verbiage on this subject with a video vignette of Tina Fey and her potty mouth. Now here’s a female of the celebrity type who should be filled with joy and song for the rewards her life has had of late. First, she’s got her own commercial, hey that’s big stuff, shows you’re somebody important enough to influence us sheeples. American Express I believe.

Then she has a hit TV series-“30 Rock” and hey, I don’t deny her her success. If the people watch than kudos to Tina. She still appears on Saturday Night Live, no small feat. Finally, she got big attention with her recent parody of Sarah Palin of recent VP contender fame. And again, hey, she was pretty good at it.

So Tina Fey should be a happy woman, right? And her guy got elected if I’m guessing her politics correctly.

Yet below a Youtube snippet of this woman going on a potty mouth diatribe , dear Lord, what’s got this woman’s knickers in such a wad?

Alas, just like all liberals of my stereotype, she is mean and unhappy. I don’t know why this is so, but it is.

And below, with no further ado, my fashion awards from the Golden Globe Awards 2009.

Golden Globe 2009 montage

golden globe 09 montage

”24”-Jack Bauer Returns

Yes I’ve been watching the series so far this year but I’m confused. I offer this link to a huge thread currently running on FreeRepublic about the series. Anyone can click in and read the commentary. If you want to post you’ll have to sign up but with no bother devotees of this show can get insights of other “24” fans.

FreeRepublic Official Thread on “24”

I do know that the show does a great job of parodying, in a fashion, those self-righteous Lords in America’s House of Lords. Jack Bauer answers their holier-than-thou questions as only the inimitable Jack Bauer can do.

ABC’s ”What Would You Do?

Now here’s an interesting show, kind of a “Candid Camera” with a moral.

The first show of this series was stupid. They had an actor posing as a store owner being rude and abrupt to some Hispanics who entered his store for a morning cup of Joe. There were other Americans in the store.

First, folks, by what law of common sense does mighty ABC take a position that it is every American’s job to know how to, and eagerly, communicate with people who don’t speak English? The actor playing the somewhat mean American shop owner was, well he was acting. The audience was supposed to be moved by how other Americans in this shop responded to this “shop owner’s” behavior. Some of the other coffee shop folk joined in with the shop owner, telling the Hispanics to speak English. Some took pity on the poor Hispanic fellow, declaring their own ancestors were immigrants. Which, ahem, so were most of our ancestors and I bet they were expected to learn the language.

As if telling someone to speak a language you understand is somehow mean and dumb. Sure there’s a way to do it softly and kindly. The actor playing the shop actor was intentionally loud and mean to the poor day construction workers, hardly the way most Americans would behave, I’d argue. We might shrug our shoulders that we don’t understand, or we might ask them to point out what they want…I’m not convinced the majority of Americans would act so mean as this actor yet that’s how ABC chose to portray Americans.

A later storyline had Americans in France. These too were actors and they acted loud and silly, again, I’m not convinced that the vast majority of Americans act like this in a foreign country, and in insufferable France yet. It’s the way ABC got ACTORS to portray Americans. These hapless Americans in France insisted that everyone speak English and hey, ABC thinks this is in poor taste? Yet those Hispanics expecting us to speak THEIR language is perfectly reasonable?

I don’t know if I’ll watch this show again. I think ABC is very disingenuous in how these actors play their parts, writing their behaviors in such a way as to achieve the result they want, not necessarily how it usually happens.
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