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"The Peoples' Choice" Awards 2009-Some Fashion Awards That Might Not Even Exist, "True Beauty"

We've got some fashion awards for this past week's "Peoples' Choice Awards"; some fashion awards you might not ever have heard of. Plus my doubts about how much of a "peoples'" choice this show really is.

Also, a new, and very unusual reality show. “True Beauty” premieres with a premise of finding REAL beauty. Why this show can only last one season.

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Peoples’ Choice Awards-Is This Show Rigged?

Come on. “Dancing With the Stars” is America’s most favored reality show? Over American Freaking Idol?

Understand here that I watch both of these reality shows and enjoy my escape from reality into a world of vapidness as much as any other American. But “American Idol” attracts MILLIONS of viewers. Including males in this country who too few watch any kind of dance show, much less the very feminine “Dancing With the Stars”.

Either the polls for Peoples’ Choice are rigged or only women vote.

Also, Ellen Degeneres as favorite talk show host? Now I’m SURE that only women are voting in this contest. Women would vote Ellen, who I also quite enjoy and would vote for over, say, Dave Letterman. But if this Peoples’ Choice could somehow include the MALES’ vote of our planet I suspect the results would be very different.

How about “27 Dresses” as favorite movie? Name me a man who would vote for this as favorite movie and I’ll show you a guy married to a fellow named Bruce.

Reese Witherspoon would likely not win male votes for fave female movie star. Sure she’s a pretty thing but too girl-next-store type. Guys go more for the Katherine Heigl type, more on her hair later.

Which is not to say that some of the winners this year are believable. For sure Brad Pitt would be favorite male star. Kid Rock is believable as a winner as is Hugh Laurie as fave male TV star. I am always surprised when Hugh is not in his HOUSE persona and the sound of his English accent. He sounds totally American as Dr. House.

Some fashion notes early this winter of the new year 2009: what the hell is the deal with the bare shoulder(s)? Not that a lovely female shoulder isn’t fetching, but in mid of winter and sometimes with both of them exposed?

Below some fashion montages from this year’s Peoples’ Choice. Most awards, as given by The Wise I, are self-explanatory. I’ll expand on my nomination of Jordin Sparks’ dress as the worst this year. It’s not that it wasn’t a pretty frock. But once again we’ve got the bare shoulder craze and Jordin would be better served to keep her shoulders covered.

As for worst hairstyle, it’s an award I made up out of whole cloth the minute I saw Katherine Heigl. What was she thinking when she left the house with her hair like that?

She’s a pretty woman but she needs to lose her dead lover in “Grey’s Anatomy”. That’s a dumb story line if ever there was one.

But I digress.

Below, my fashion awards for the 2009 Peoples’ Choice award.

Montage 1 People's Choice awards 2009

Montage 2 Peoples Choice Awards 2009

”True Beauty”-a Rather Weird Reality Series With a Rather Weird Premise

ABC home page for this show.

I thought ABC had lost its mind when I watched a commercial hyping this series. Yet it’s an intriguing notion. An intriguing notion that will only last for one series way I figure.

The idea is that you gather a bunch of beautiful people together, kind of a “Big Brother” for the pretty. Using videos, both hidden and known, their true personality, as opposed to the outside beauty so easily seen, can be ascertained.

Well we all know pretty people are vain and arrogant, right?

That’s a stereotype too, it would seem. For some of these quite pretty contenders to win this contest for a bunch of bucks and a picture on the front of People magazine, are lovely in spirit as well as in flesh.

This show is hosted by a beauty pageant winner herself. What this means I don’t know. There are two other judges, including one meterosexual fellow and lover of beauty as well as Cheryl Tiegs, a fashion model, still pretty but getting a bit long in the tooth.

It’s promised in the promo hype and at various times during the actual show that different “tests” will be given to determine the ten beauties honesty and kindness.

In the premiere show, all of the medical information on the other contenders was left out on a coffee table. A hidden camera filmed the various contenders. A few couldn’t resist a peek into that which they knew was personal and private.

There was also a fellow hired to be a “beauty specialist”. Each one of the contenders was interviewed, measured and assessed by him, than each was given an overall grade. The lowest grade was around 92 as I recall with ageing memory. Which is still a pretty good grade mind you but remember the competition is with, allegedly, the most beautiful people in America.

Finally the two contenders who received the lowest score were summoned to a special meeting at a different destination. Another fellow was hired to be in the act of carrying a bunch of coffee cups into the same building that the two lowest beauty-scored contenders were also about to enter. The pretty blond was quite gracious and held the door open for the fellow.

The contender who was sent home was rude. She reached around him, jimmied open the door, then let herself in while slamming the door on the hapless fellow holding the many filled, and ostensibly hot, coffee cups.

This whole scene appeared very staged to me.

I might tune in a time or two to this series throughout its run. But I seriously wonder how the series can run again.

For sure all of America will know that if we are recruited due to our astounding beauty to be in this contest, well we now know the path will be filled with trickery and we would be on our best behavior. No?

We might believe that the current crop of contenders might be clueless as to what goes on behind their backs, myself and yon readers will already know the secret of the game.

We shall see.

Montage from 1/5/09 broadcast of True Beauty

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