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The Gardens of Midspring 2007; Miss Universe Review-Yes Including the Famous Fall;Crufts Dog Show

Here's an entry re the gardens of Serendipity Shore mid-spring 2007. For the roses and peonies bloom wildly and we've got plenty of pics.

Plus a review of two beauty pageants, one with dogs, really. Of course a dog wrote the review, yes she did.

The other has female human lovelies vying for Miss Universe.

Yes she fell down yet Miss USA STILL came in number five!

With pics of them all that you'll find nowhere else on the Internet.

Pic of the Day
Audacious dogs-chihuahua mates with big dog, bull dog scavanges in dog food bag

Quote of the Day

"Since Teddy Kennedy's 1965 Immigration Act, more than half of all legal immigrants have been unskilled, non-English-speaking Mexicans. America takes in roughly 1 million legal immigrants each year. Only about 30,000 of them have Ph.D.s. Why on earth would any rational immigration policy discriminate against immigrants with Ph.D.s in favor of unskilled, non-English-speaking immigrants?"
- Columnist Ann Coulter

Web Site Worth the Visit
The Blue Angels

Here's a site posted about the navy's famous Blue Angels, posted by a former Blue Angel. The opening pics of planes flying by the World Trade Center will take your breath away.




Ants have six legs. Each leg has three joints.
Ants can lift 20 times their own body weight.
The average life expectancy of an ant is 45-60 days.
Red ants (found in the western United States) steal larvae of other ants to keep as slaves. The slave ants build homes for and feed the red ants, who cannot do anything but fight.
The jaws open and shut sideways like a pair of scissors. Adult ants cannot chew and swallow solid food. Instead they swallow the juice which they squeeze from pieces of food. They throw away the dry part that is left over.
The common Black Ants and Wood Ants have no sting, but they can squirt a spray of formic acid. Some birds put ants in their feathers because the ants squirt formic acid which gets rid of the parasites.

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Miss Universe 2007

Heh. Donald Trump, aka "The Donald", can find publicity without even searching all that much. For if he isn't fighting very publicly with Rosie O'Donnell then his Miss USA is partying whilst high on cocaine and requires his forgiveness. Now we have Miss USA 2007 falling all over the place on national television and in front of a very unfriendly Mexican audience.

Before looking at the pics below, let me state right now, just exactly HOW it all happened. Because I've seen so many accounts about this incident, many, if not most, really WRONG.

Beyond Miss USA's treatment by the friendly Mexicans who all want to live with us illegally, this beauty contest was very ordinary with very ordinary beautiful women with very little brains. That's the crux of my review.

Miss USA was booed the very first time she was announced. This was during the "parade of nations" when the lovely ladies were introduced while wearing their country's costume. Miss USA was attired as some sort of rock and roller Elvis type, complete with big guitar.

The boos were not all that loud but I heard them plainly. I knew early on that the contest was being held in Mexico and my first thought when I heard the boos was that the catcalls were expressions of the recent bad feelings caused by all the talk about immigration due to the U.S. Senate activity on the matter. By the way, this year's Miss Universe contest featured so much crap about the host nation, Mexico, that it could also have been called a travel documentary. But make no mistake, there were folks in that audience booing Miss USA and they were likely Mexicans and my second thought as I listened was..."well this is going to make Americans really like them" regards the Mexicans, of course. I mean, they were booing our candidate! Us stupid peons who think that people should not just enter our country willy-nilly because they've never been able to craft a vibrant democracy their own sorry and corrupt selves were definitely going to be calmed by the sound of that same bunch of big-hatted ruffians booing our candidate.

Understand here that the booing began BEFORE Miss USA fell down. You can believe all the lies by pundits and such who weren't watching the thing as it happened or you can believe The Wise I who watched it all and even mentally wrote this post as I watched.

Finally it was time for the 10 finalists to walk in their evening gowns. THIS was when Miss USA fell down.

Even as I watched with my disbelieving eyes, Miss USA fell flat on her butt but she made such a graceful and amazing recovery that I almost thought I was seeing things. My mind raced with thoughts. I concentrated but could not ever remember another time when a contestant fell down like that during a beauty pageant. Ice skaters fall down. Dancers might fall down. Parade majorettes might drop their batons. All Miss USA was doing was walking down a damn runway for God's sake. A wild thought ran through my mind that The Donald might have to check THIS Miss USA for signs of drug use.

After the fall I thought for sure the woman would not make the top five. I mean, go with me here, this is a contest about poise and posture and when you fall down, SPLAT, well that throws out that poise and posture thing. But damn if Miss USA STILL didn't make the top five and never mind the mindless Mexican booing, this American thought that giving her entry into the top five was damn dumb.

Then, when the top five were given a question that they always answer stupidly, Miss USA was called for her question. THIS is when the booing and catcalls were loudest and most obvious.

Understand that when the first boos filled the air, I was angry. Miss USA did nothing to deserve it besides being Miss USA. The boos that followed her fall and subsequent entry into the top five did not anger me. In fact, I thought they were deserved. Come on...the woman FELL DOWN! I mean, what's the few jobs a beauty contestant has to do? Walk around in a bathing suit? Walk around in a native costume? Walk around in a gown? Here Miss USA failed the basic test of WALKING AROUND!

Sure I know that everyone slips once in a while, we all have, we've all been embarrassed. Yes my heart goes out to Rachel Smith. But she shouldn't hadda oughta been in the TOP FIVE because, read my lips....SHE FELL DOWN! If that doesn't eliminate you than what the hell....?

Thus as I've already written, I don't especially like the Mexicans. I don't much blame them for this righteous indignation.
Anyway, below some pics for yon reader's pleasure.

Miss USA falls down during 2007 Miss Universe contest

2007 Miss Universe montage-Miss Japan and Miss USA

Miss Universe 2007 montage-various

Top five finalists in order for 2007 Miss Universe contest

The Late May 2007 Gardens

The gardens are lovely here in Serendipity Shore in this year of our Lord 2007. There are some disappointments. A cherished Coreopsis bloomed wonderfully last year but was nowhere to be seen whilst other plantings were busy returning for the 2007 season. Some critter or another chewed up my climbing rose, separating the plant's base from its roots. Just damn.

Still and so, I remember four years ago when there were no gardens here on Serendipity Shore. For that was when husband and I moved here to the swamps of Delaware. Now various gardens and containers decorate the lot and disappointments aside, I'm very pleased with the results so far.

2007 garden montage with blooming peonies late May

2007 rose bloom montage late may 07

Jo-Ann On the 2007 Crufts Dog Show

I don't know much about Crufts except its some place in England. The British sure love their dogs; I even see their Queen walking all about with a dog or two under her arm. I also know that Animal Planet features the Crufts dog show every year and every year I watch it.

So this year I decided to do a review of the dog show but I'm going one better. For my DOG, Jo-Ann, agreed to provide some insightful commentary about the dog show. No, Jo-Ann can't type but she CAN dictate her thoughts to me. Below, Jo-Ann's commentary and below this, some wonderful pics of all things canine from the 2007 Crufts dog show.

Greetings. Yes I am Jo-Ann, also known as "Lady Love" as so dubbed by my mistress. When my mistress asked me to provide my commentary on that stupid dog show she loves to watch I jumped and panted for the chance. I do, much like my mistress, have an opinion.

First, yon human ladies and gems, some of those creatures featured on those dog shows my mistress adores shouldn't oughta even be called dogs.

Understand that myself is a fine Belgian Malinois and if there was ever a canine whose picture should be under the word "DOG" in the dictionary it should be myself or, if desperate, another member of my breed. For I do what dogs do and I look like a dog. Duh.

Until recently I had a co-dog that was a dacshund and while I loved Cleetus in that matter of dogs sharing a home, come on, that silly little thing shouldn't have been allowed to be called a dog what with those tiny little legs that are more suited to a rat than a dog.

But I digress and my mistress is telling me to move on.

Well the Crufts show did feature a Belgian Malinois but forgive me, THAT example of my breed was also pitiful. Better than the dacshund mind you, but skinny as all get out. It makes me wonder if they aren't starving those dogs like the humans do when they are in beauty contests.

My mistress is nudging me now and telling me that it is I...who is too fat. Heh. Surely my mistress jests. I am in fine girlish form thank you, nothing like that skin and bones Malinois at Crufts.

So beyond my own breed example, goodness I've seen alleged dogs on that show that should be classified as lions or something else. Definitely not DOGS. HAVE THEY NO PRIDE?

Come on...what the hell is that Puli thing with all those dreadlocks? This so-called dog is better classified as a rap dancer.

And a Portuguese Water Dog? The thing has the tail of a lion!

How about those French poodles prancing around the ring in that silly haircut? And some of those little long-haired things without eyes I am convinced are really little motor toys operated by remote control by someone in the stands.

Okay, my mistress is shutting me down. Well, she asked for my comments....

To all owners of Portuguese Water Dogs or French Poodles, I apologize. But it was the DOG making those disparaging comments. And she's got great big teeth. Complain to her.

2007 Crufts Best in Show Smiles by Trophy

2007 Crufts dog show misc. montage of mutts

2007 Crufts Best in Breed for Toy, Pastorial, and Working

2007 Crufts Best in Breed Terrier, Hound and Utility

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