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TV-"The Apprentice LA" with Exclusive Pic of Trump's Dog

Here's a TV update on Trump's The Apprentice LA.

There's an element of the show this year that annoys the hell out of me. On the 1/22/07 episode, another contestant was annoyed at the very same thing and no, she wasn't fired, she QUIT!

Even if you're not keeping up with this year's series click in on this post because, for the first time ever in a public venue, we have a pic of Trump's dog.

You gotta see this.

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Intriguing Things About the Human Body

  • When filming summer scenes in winter, actors suck on ice cubes just before the camera rolls - it cools their mouths so their breath doesn't condense in the cold air.
  • Humans were first infected with the HIV virus in the 1930s.
  • Thinking about your muscles can make you stronger.
  • If left alone, 70% of birthmarks gradually fade away.
  • Grapefruit scent will make middle aged women appear six years younger to men. The perception is not reciprocal and the grapefruit scent on men has no effect on women's perception.
  • Women blink twice as many times as men do.
  • Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.
  • We are about 1 cm taller in the morning than in the evening. Layers of cartilage in the joints gets compressed during the day.
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  • The strongest muscle in the human body is the tongue.
  • The life span of a taste bud is 10 days.
  • The world's youngest parents were 8 and 9 and lived in China in 1910.
  • The largest known kidney stone weighed 1.36 kilograms.
  • Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.
  • Kidney stones come in any color--from yellow to brown.
  • Babies are born without kneecaps. They appear when the child is 2-6 years of age.

  •  Posted by Hello

    "The Apprentice LA-1/21/07-Michelle Quits and I Don't Blame Her a Whit

    First, allow me to correct my error for the first two posts when I called the team "AERO" instead of "ARROW". You may thank closed-captioning for my confusion as AERO is the name alphabetically flashed across the screen instead of ARROW.

    Let us begin with a pic of those Trump kids.

    Ivanka/Donald montage

    I'm not at all sure what Ivanka is wearing in the pic above but I don't especially like it. On the show of 1/21/07, we were introduced to Little Donald for the first time. Hey, this Trump child doesn't have half the business and communication ability of his sister. I suppose he will be around the rest of the season and I doubt he will add much to the commentary.

    Now, the task for 1/21/07...

    Because Arrow had lost the first two tasks, Trump split that team into two sub-teams. These sub-teams of Arrow were then charged with creating a special tour for the bus line Starline Tours. It seems even Trump felt sorry for Arrow, who had to spend all of its time since the reality show's 2007 inception living in the so-called "Tent City".

    Which leads me to a complaint about that whole stupid concept of this living in a tent notion. First, this idea is a blatant rip-off of "Big Brother", another reality series. Having one of the Apprentice contending teams live in tents brings nothing to the contest and is very distracting. Second, that stupid contest they have offering viewers a chance to call in and vote for THEIR choice of exile to Tent City, well it's dumb too, and hokey, and the audience vote hype tends to take away the gravitas a show involving logical choices to run a business requires.

    It seems another contender agreed with me and QUIT because of it.

    Michelle's team featured a tour titled "A Day in the Life of the Rich and Famous". Aaron's team had the Laker Girls as a "draw" for tourists to ride the Starline Tour bus. As these two sub-teams of Arrow fought to win the task, the rival team, Kinetic, was shown frolicking and enjoying life in the fine quarters provided for them. This vignette also brought nothing to the series.

    Apprentice montage Michelle and Shamu

    Starline Tours did offer their opinions of how the two Arrow sub-teams did and a few customer review forms were read in the infamous board room. Michelle's team did not do very well but it was no mind because Michelle saved everyone a lot of bother...SHE QUIT!

    Michelle had not been very well liked by her co-contenders and she had been set up early in the series as a possible candidate for firing and the hints thrown at the viewers is that it would be very soon. I don't know much about Michelle and her ability to lead, much less her personality which so many of her team mates complained about. I do know that Michelle told The Donald off during the Board Room meeting when she quit and I know that I not only admired her moxie, I also admired how right she was about the set-up of this year's "Apprentice".

    For Michelle thought that living in a tent was distracting and sucked all the creativity out of her mind. Why I was practically cheering the woman on. In fact, I think King Trump was very upset about Michelle's complaints as, hey, no one's ever up and quit on The Donald.

    Michelle was right. I can't imagine how those contenders forced to live in tents are supposed to effectively compete at their best when so much of their lives in a tent is spent dealing with..., well, life in a damn tent. Trump trumpets his Apprentice series as one of great seriousness, that the winner will be chosen based on his or her ability to function and perform with a seriousness that produces positive business results. This year the creator of the series somehow thinks that adding this tent sub-plot will add to viewer intrigue. It didn't for this viewer at least. Michelle further complained that living in a tent was not part or parcel of what she signed up for when she auditioned for the series and she can't function well under these circumstances. I certainly wouldn't be able to function well either under those circumstances and hey, I'd quit in a minute.

    Already the team condemned to the tents has one strike against them before the next task is assigned. The team that won the precious task enters the contest for the next task with one leg up. They are rested and ready for action. The "tent team" begins the task assigned already behind in terms of mental acuity. It can't be hard to rest well sleeping on a hard ground under a flimsy tent.

    So Michelle, kudos to you from this viewer. I think Trump throwing that tent angle in with no warning is a bit mean and underhanded. And the whole thing adds absolutely nothing to the series. The Apprentice series is struggling for life and it's obvious Trump is trying everything, including publicly fighting with Rosie O'Donnell, to keep interest in the contest alive. Forcing the losers to live in tents is not the way to go.

    Finally, we came across this pic of Donald Trump's dog and offer it here, exclusively and on this Blog, for reader yuks. Pic below.

    Trumps dog

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