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Review-ABC's "Private Practice", "Grey's Anatomy"

TV Review-"Grey's Anatomy", "Private Practice". One's a bit captivating, one is a story about basically nothing. Both are medial and might keep a viewer's interest.

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TV-Review-Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice

We review TWO TV shows in this review. First, they are both on the same night, and second, they are both medical type of shows.

"Grey's Anatomy", ABC Site for this show HERE, is a series based on a bunch of medical types working in a hospital known as Mercy-Grace or some such. This show is very much about the many characters on this show, and make no mistake, "Grey's Anatomy" has more characters than most any other show on TV today.

Below, just a FEW of the characters and the actor playing the part.

Alex Karev Justin Chambers

Cristina Yang Sandra Oh

Miranda Bailey Chandra Wilson

Derek Shepherd Patrick Dempsey

Meredith Grey Ellen Pompeo

Richard Webber James Pickens Jr

Callie Torres Sara Ramirez

Marc Sloan Eric Dane

I have mixed emotions about medical type shows. Although they are very popular shows, combining high drama with medical intrigue. "Grey's Anatomy" takes the medical show one level higher in that the actual medicos are very much part of the story.

The doctors and nurses are always, of course, part of the story but never on any level as in this show. The likes of "Ben Casey" and "Dr. Kildaire" might have centered around the doctors but usually as to how they interacted with the patients. "Grey's Anatomy" has all these medical types and we've got all kinds of drama, sleeping together, sleeping with others, married, divorcing, Alzenheimers and last season, one dramatic episode that had a disgruntled husband of a former patient come into the hospital and methodically shoot at a whole bunch of people, killing some, severely wounding others, traumatizing all.

THAT was quite a show and this year the psychological ramifications of this episode continue on.

Miranda Bailey is probably the most colorful character in this series, the part is very well acted. Bailey is a surgeon at GA's hospital and she's a no-nonsense, tough-as-nails, tender-as-clouds kind of person. Dr. Shepherd, played by Patrick Dempsey, is the dreamy doctor we'd all love to administer to our wounds. Dempsey won a best looking person of the year type of award recently.

Of course there is, as there always has to be in any ongoing series, a homosexual angle. In GA we have Calle Torres who is in lesbian love with another GA doctor type who left to go minister to little African children but returned in the last episode I watched before this writing. Torres, played by Sarah Ramirez, is a big nothing burger of a character, not attractive in any sense of the word, not colorful, not much of nothing except she who will sleep with most anyone, male or female, doesn't matter, all for a bit part of the storyline that adds nothing to the story.

Cristina Yang, played by Sandra Oh, is a good character in the series and Oh plays it well. Yang was very traumatized by the assault on GA's hospital and so far this year there's been endless storylines involving Yang and her inability to function medically for her horrid memories of that incident.

Seriously, it's a good story, but to the writers of Grey's Anatomy, time to move on.

I do quite like Grey's Anatomy, love the many characters on the series, like the storylines if they'd get rid of all the lesbian nonsense, love how the stories of the patients are artfully interwoven with the stories of the medicos.

It's a great, well-written, well-acted series and I urge yon readers to sit down and watch an episode or two if you haven't already.


”Private Practice”-A Medical Show With No Discernible Story Line

ABC’s link for this show.

So okay, the show is about a bunch of physician types who opened up a private practice. But beyond this, well hey, the characters are interesting, there’s the underlying medical stories, everyone at some point has slept with everyone. So far there’s no homosexual storyline but give it time.

The character stories are interesting; it keeps my attention. There’s even a carry-over from this story to “Grey’s Anatomy” in that Addison, the practice’s OB/GYN, was once married to Dr. Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey). The stories aren’t all that unique or riveting. A new viewer would need to watch a couple of times before getting into it is what I’m saying here.

Currently there’s an ongoing story of a doctor who was raped on the show. Writers tend to wear down these sorts of stories to death but we, finally, have resolution to this female’s distress.

I enjoy this series but am not convinced that it’s any great piece of medical drama.

The bigger bulk of this show’s appeal is it’s schedule placement right after “Grey’s Anatomy”.

And, so far, no homosexual story line. “Grey’s Anatomy” has enough of that.

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