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TV-Review "Victoria's Secret"; "Heroes"

A TV review of the Victoria's Secret Fashion show and yes, we have underwear pics.

Plus a review of NBC's hit show "heroes".

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Heroes-If You Love the Genre You'll Love This Series

Heroes logo for tv

This reviewer does not, unfortunately, care that much for the Science Fiction genre. Although I have dabbled in the genre as a writer, beyond my childhood self, I'd never much watched the Science Fiction shows that so beguiled my youthful world. I did love the movie "ET" but that was as much a chick flick as a sci-fi film. Of course the "Star Wars" movies captured the American public's attention and I eagerly attended the first of the series. The others I either watched on a DVD or on a late night showing. I do recall a Sci-Fi type of series I watched as a younger person. That series was "Lost In Space" and the personalities of the characters on this show carried it from week to week every bit as much as the sci-fi aspect. I will never forget the evil Dr. Smith who that family kept rescuing from his own hubris and I always wondered why.

Thus it's not that the imagination required to create and to watch a sci-fi series effectively is completely absent from my chick-flick, reality-series oriented mind.

In fact, I was a bit fascinated by NBC's "Heroes" series but I know that my middle-aged crotchety self would never tune in on any regular basis.

This is a problem because while I investigated the premise, characters and tone of this series before seriously watching for this review, I had one hell of a time even beginning to understand what the show's all about. Most major TV series have a site sponsored by the network that will introduce all the characters, their fictional and actual experiences, where they fit in the show, the show's premise and even a chronological series of events that the regular viewer can keep up with the action.

On this NBC's Official Site, absolutely nothing about the series is clear at all.

After and additional search, I found this fan site:
Heroes" is a serial saga about people all over the world discovering that they have superpowers and trying to deal with how this change affects their lives.

The super powers possessed by these folks are amazing. Some can become invisible, some can see and/or visit the future, some can totally stop the time continuum, some, alas, can only absorb the super powers of other heroes.

Gang of heroes

On the night of Monday, 12/3/07, the story concerned some virus that was killing people. The virus was killing even many of the heroes and that had to be some nasty virus. Of course the existence of this deadly virus causes yet another hero to emerge, or rather heroine. The blood from this hero could protect against the virus. A fellow named Adam wanted to spread the virus. I don’t know why although it does seem that some of these so-called “heroes” are really villains. Well why would there not be evil-doers in the world of the super-powered?

This series has some connection to a book. I’m not clear if the book is currently being written as the stories unfold or what part a book has at all to do with the series. The 12/3/07 episode was “Chapter 11-Powerless” for what that’s worth.

Heroes montage from episode 12/4/07

I was intrigued by the powers of the various heroes and how they used them to better the world or do their evil. This series is, as most tales in this genre, a story of good versus evil.

Sci-fi fans will love this series. It’s well-written, the characters are good and acted well, the plot is ongoing, fast-paced and riveting. Just watching this one show I was able to pick up the plot quickly enough so it a lot of time is not required to get involved in the action.

On a final note, this series has developed a cult-following or sorts. Should a viewer want to design their own hero, one can do so by going to the NBC site. This contest is sponsored by Sprint.

Ask yourself, what super power would you most like to have if you could choose? Then go create your own hero.

”Victoria’s Fashion” 2007

Victoria’s Secret Site.

thisandthatmontagevictori's secret 2007

The answer is no. The question is Do I Have Any Idea Why I Watch This Show Much Less Write About It?

Except that I am intrigued by the concept of a women’s underwear company could rise to such smashing success and now have a special fashion show featuring…WOMEN’S UNDERWEAR! God Bless America.

So okay this is not underwear one would wear for a trip to the mall but then again, why not? Except for an effect on the runway the models carry props and many accessories that might not fit UNDER our clothes as underwear should. Huge wings would be one example. The Victoria’s Secret designers seem to love wings and many models parade down the runaway with all manner of angel wings. For props models often carry teddy bears and dolls, a rather weird thing that.

The Spice Girls, a perfect group to sing at this annual event, entertained while attired in sexy military-inspired outfits. Seal sang as well as another rapper. The models paraded the runway in their skimpy outfits and come on, do women really watch this with a keen interest in underwear they want to purchase?

This is a show for MEN.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s a peep show that has an aura of legitimacy in that it pretends to be high fashion. Men watch it and I’m betting not many women tune in. There’s nothing at all wrong with men sitting around ogling at a bunch of women parading around in their underwear, the show is aired late at night, but let’s be honest here. It’s kind of like that silly Sports Illustrated swimsuit thing. If anybody believes women buy this thing that they may eagerly buy the latest swimsuit fashion as modeled…well I’ve got a bridge to sell…real cheap.

Below a montage of modeled underwear that I simply must have.

Montage of models from Victoria's Secret 2007


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