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TV-"The Women's Murder Club" and "Phenomenon"; Delaware-a Pic of Me and Delaware's Next Governator

Here's an interesting story about Delaware politics and the next Delaware Governor. Even if you don't live in or near Delaware, click in to see my own fine pic with Delaware's next Governor.

And two TV reviews-"The Women's Murder Club" and the new psychic reality series "Phenomenon".

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ABC’s-”The Women’s Murder Club”

”The Women’s Murder Club” HERE.

I’ll allow that it might be sour grapes but I did read this book by James Patterson (actually I listened to it on audio tape). I didn’t like it at all. The book by Patterson had one of those killers that would not die. As I recall the antagonist kept coming back to life over and over until I was ready to kill the guy myself.

But the television series by the same name has a bevy of very different problems as I judged by the episode aired on 10/19/2007. As an aside, I note that it seems a high percentage of new TV series take place in California and by me this is almost always a bad sign. This series takes place in San Francisco and it doesn’t get any scarier than that.

Montage of stars of

The premise of this series is the formation of some sort of “club” that includes four women. The four women all have different careers but as a group these same careers meld fluidly to better enable the solving of crimes. Angie Harmon is the center of the group and she is a homicide detective…has Angie Harmon ever played anything other than some sort of cop? There’s also a medical examiner, a newspaper reporter and an Assistant D.A.

San Francisco can now fire their entire police department because these four ladies can do it all.

First thing, this series depends mightily on Angie Harmon and let’s be honest here folks, Angie’s a little long in the teeth now. Surely they could found some younger and hipper “Charlie’s Angel” type with bouncy boobs for this part. The other female characters are young and pretty.

I’ll admit I’m not that fond of Harmon’s acting although you’d think she’d be great at it by now as she generally plays the same character in everything.

The show on the night of my viewing involved a killing of three people on a subway train. Of course the talents and sources of all four members of the murder club were required to ascertain that the shooter was hired by a local crook who should have shot and killed only one person on that train. There was the required drama as a brother of one of the victims was recruited from his life in a gang to wear a wire and get his brother’s killer to talk.

The women in this special club each have their own personal dramas as per normal. Angie is married to a detective on the series and I must ask, why is the presence of an-already divorced couple so necessary on so many drama series today? Of course they almost always still love each other but there you have it, from “Desperate Housewives” to “Private Practice” and now “The Women’s Murder Club” we have a couple of people who were once married to each other as major characters in the series.

This show fits your normal crime story template. It keeps the viewer’s interest in a fashion and there are worst things for one to spend an hour to view. This show will likely not win any awards any time soon and I have doubts if it will ever reach the heights of “Charlie’s Angels” that it so obviously wants to emulate.

NBC’s ”Phenomenon”

NBC’s Site for this series HERE

Now here’s a reality show that intrigues. How about this…a reality show for Psychics?

Indeed, this is the “American Idol” for would-be psychic entertainers. In fact, the judges for the show are Criss Angel, a so-called “Mindfreak” and Uri Geller, known across the fruited plains for bending spoons with his mind.

This show premiered on Wednesday 10/24/07 and as I conclude, the viewing audience can vote on their favorite psychic. Four contenders were featured that night and I thought they were good enough to garner an audience of sorts.

First, my reservations: for while I enjoyed the displays of extraordinary ability displayed by the contenders, I can’t shake the feeling that no matter how much they try to illustrate how totally random their act might be, it all could still be staged as let’s get real, we’re out here in TV land and the fellow who had phone numbers picked from random phone books STILL might have arranged to know the numbers in advance in some form or fashion. Even the best act of the night that had one contender playing Russian Roulette with nail guns, well even this could have been staged.

The viewing audience can be fooled is what I’m saying here and by the very skeptical me I’ll never fully believe in this kind of mind power unless the contender was right here in my house and The Wise I came up with a demonstration of psychic ability that suited me as to its reality.

Along with the psychic judges we must have a couple of celebrities currently out of work on the show and indeed we have Carmen Electra, Rachel Hunter and Ross from the Tonight show. Ross’ picture should be under the word “Gay” in the dictionary, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The job of these celebrities in this series is to serve as props and dupes for the various psychic acts as put on by the contenders.

For instance, one of the four contenders on the premiere episode had Carmen and Ross stand on stage. The contender, one Ehud Segav, would touch part of his body then ask Carmen to ask where on HER person did she feel touching. Segav touched his forehead then Carmen described touching she felt on her forehead. Ross was asked to touch part of his body and again, Carmen was asked to describe where she felt that touch.

Other contenders included a guy who said he could feel no pain. His act was pretty lame although he did end up with his hand inside some sort of animal trap thing. The main part of this act was getting Ross to scream and squeal like a girl as the contender would pretend to grab Ross’ hand to stick into the bear trap.

The best act of the night as I saw it was the guy, Eran Reven, who lined up six nail guns, only one of which was loaded, by Carmen Electra of course, with an actual nail cartridge. Thus one nail gun, if held to one’s vulnerable skull and the trigger pulled COULD shoot a nail into one’s head. The rest of the nail guns were empty.

There was appropriate drama as Carmen was blindfolded and asked to recite the numbers of the six nail guns then laying on the table, one of which had been loaded with deadly nails by Carmen before she was blindfolded and reciting nail gun numbers. The psychic contention was that Reven could tell which gun Carmen loaded with nails by how she recited the numbers.

The guy really did hold those nail guns to his head and pull the trigger, this accompanied by the drama of seeing his mother in the audience as she held her breath and closed her eyes lest she witness her son shoot a nail directly into his skull.

Below is a short video of this interesting psychic act.

I have every intention of keeping up with this intriguing contest. As I understand it, there will be ten contenders. Four of them competed on the evening of 10/24/07 and two of those will be eliminated…I don’t know when or how. I assumed the two allowed to go on will then complete with new contenders until a final psychic victor will win the title of the next “Phenomenon” .
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Delaware’s Next Governator …and Me!

I’d made up my mind that I would not be attending any more monthly luncheons of the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club (SCRWC)while they are mostly lovely ladies, I decided they were a bit too, well, feminine, for my tastes.

I think I fare better at the monthly meetings of the Sussex county GOP although let me not fool myself, the SCRWC is a powerful force in Republican politics here in Sussex county Delaware, the largest county east of the Mississippi located in one of the smallest states.

Sussex county Delaware is one veeeery conservative county. Most of its residents came from one of the very liberal, tax-you-to-death-take-away-your-gun surrounding states. Husband and I moved here from Merryland. Others migrated down from the Philadelphia area in Pa…now governed by Moonbat liberals with an out-of-control crime problem, or New Jersey, a state where the few who still work must sell their property as the property taxes are killing them, or even New York and God knows that’s a state full of Moonbats.

So once these folks settle in the now happening and explosive little county heretofore a mostly unexplored area of Delaware known as Sussex county, they crossed their arms, locked and loaded their guns and don’t tolerate liberals much at all.

As expected given the above demographic, Sussex county Delaware is overwhelmingly Republican. Although Delaware does have its Moonbat areas such as Wilmington where the dead vote regularly and almost always Democrat. Delaware is a blue state but Sussex county is solidly red and the state’s Democratic Governor won’t even come down this way because she considers Sussex county, and I quote Nanny Minner directly, “hostile territory”. She’s got that right. Sussex county despises Nanny Minner and her intention to avoid the area suits most of us just fine.

So Sussex countians are eager to get rid of the Moonbats currently running Delaware to hell and back and what alarms the libs the most, Sussex county has experienced a population explosion that would rival any other in the nation.

Enter Alan Levin.

Alan Levin is the son of the founder of Delmarva’s famous “Happy Harry’s” drug store chain, now owned by Walgreens. At any rate, Levin and his dad nurtured and created a very profitable chain of drugstores from a small corner pharmacy. Levin also left Delaware to serve as Chief of Staff for Delaware’s Senator Roth. So the man has a combination of entrepreneurial and political experience and best of all, he lives right here in Lewes, Delaware in mighty Sussex county!

Levin has not officially announced his candidacy for Governor yet for various reasons. I’d only went to this most recent meeting of the SCRWC just to hear Levin talk. There had been whispering that the owner of Happy Harry’s was running for the GOP as governor and I decided I would finally get to see the guy, maybe lob him a few questions.

Levin spoke at the meeting of the SCRWC on 10/24/07 and by me he did a fine job. He said he wanted to wait before officially announcing his candidacy for governor to allow the two Delaware dems who want to the job to beat each other up for a while before he threw his hat into the ring and allowed the dems to turn on him.

It made sense to me and I must assume the fellow’s going to run. I listed to Levin speak and I liked what I heard. I’d already heard him interviewed on a local talk show and I liked what I heard then.

But ah, the story does not end here although I include a pic of myself and Levin together cause someday that pic’s gonna be famous. Heh.

So after Levin speaks, poses and leaves, some other fellow gets up to talk and I wonder who is this. Well go to hell, here’s some kind of Republican big wig up and talking and trying to convince us women that the Republican party is the greatest thing since popcorn and we should bow at the altar of the elephant.

I’m sorry….Roosevelt and Reagan notwithstanding, those sorry bunch now holding the party title of Republican in America’s House of Lords can’t hold a candle to either Roosevelt or Reagan. They are a bunch of entrenched wusses who vote to take away our first amendment rights, want nothing more to be friends with the democrats and are scared out of their minds of Hillary Clinton.

This past week our senate did the absolute worst thing our government can ever do. They used their government power to go after a private citizen by writing his employer a letter and suggesting he be reigned in. I speak of Rush Limbaugh and I don’t care whether you hate or love the man, he goes on the radio air waves and uses his free speech and hey, if your radio doesn’t have an on/off button than pull out the damn plug! Because no one has to listen to Rush Limbaugh and to have our government try and take away a private citizen’s right to free speech and pursue his happiness is so disgusting I never thought my country would do such a thing.

Sure Rush turned the whole thing around and made that sorry lot of Lords in America’s House of Lords look like fools but I will note that not one….not ONE, single Republican stood up and condemned those Dem Lords for what they were doing.

Ronald Reagan would never have allowed such a thing.

So after this fellow does his little speech about how wonderful the Republicans are I, of course, had to raise my hand when comments were requested.

Essentially I said the above and know now that I had passion in my voice because just as I write so do I talk. I was pissed.

It seems the national GOP thinks that the Republicans across the fruited plains are a bit angry by how our party has betrayed us. Well duh. We had McCain go and join with fruitcake Feingold and come up with that campaign finance reform mess and it got passed. That was at a time when I thought the Republicans couldn’t get any lower until this past week when not one of them had the gonads to take on those bunch of nasty Dems.

I should be proud of them? What more basic right do us citizens have out here in la-la land where we’re busy carrying this country on our backs whilst raising the citizens and soldiers of tomorrow than our jobs and our freedom of speech? Something a bunch of nasty-assed Dems decided to take away from one citizen who so irked them.

Destroying citizens who irk elected government officials was our founding fathers’ greatest fear. Someday they’ll come after me, a humble Blogger read by two to three people every day. I won’t have the power of a Rush Limbaugh to fight back.

And so I put it this way when asked for my comments and this spinner for the Republican party’s smile melted to one of despair. He was almost in tears when I got done.

Well my tirade started a landslide. The normally genteel ladies at the meeting all raised their hands to complain as well.

Seems all of hostile Sussex county is damn mad at the Republicans who care more about their cushy elected jobs than, say, actually representing us fools.

This fellow eventually buried his head in his hands and even I began to feel sorry for the guy.

Eventually the bickering and bitching stopped and this guy wanted out of there so bad.

But the story’s not done yet.

For he had to pick the winning ticket for the 50-50 raffle, something the SCRWC asks speakers to do….as a courtesy thing.

Two guesses whose ticket he picked to win that raffle.

Okay, you’re down to one damn guess.

The six numbers he read were all printed plainly on one of my own fine tickets.


It’s a salt in the wound kind of thing. I won eighty bucks.

It’s as if the gods themselves blessed me.


Below a short video of Levin’s speech at the SCRWC meeting.


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