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TV-American Idol 2007-Top Twelve-Hot Off the Press

Hot off the presses!

The final twelve will be posted here, just seconds after the elimination show.

In addition there will be mine own fine critique on the two prior shows and my guess as to who will get the hook, wrong or right though they may be.

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DISCLAIMER-This post was written BEFORE the eliminations. I will post the eliminations weekly and put up the post immediately after the elimination show closes . However, my guesses as to who might be eliminated will likely belie who actually WAS eliminated but I'll take the brickbats for being wrong.

The Top Twelve American Idol 2007

We begin with a pic of KELLIE PICKLER (My mistake-see comment)- from LAST WEEK's elimination show (3/1/07). As I watched KELLIE-perform, I noticed a couple of things. It seems KELLIE- grew a new chest since her win on American Idol. Beyond the chest, I noticed KELLIE- had a bit of a butt. Which she may have had before or perhaps her dress emphasized that butt.

Whatever the case, we understand that Carrie Underwood will be performing on THIS elimination show (3/8/07)

Carrie Underwood and chest

The AI 2007 Boys Perform on Tuesday 3/6/07

And "BORING" is the best adjective to describe the show on that night.

The theme was for the contenders to tell the audience something that would surprise it about the contender. For example, contestant Phil Stacey told us he once had a head full of hair. Since he's bald as a cue ball now, this is interesting.

At any rate the fellows performed and some of them did okay.

My own favorite, Blake Lewis performed first. Blake is extremely talented as I've said many times in the past although I'm not a big fan of the music Blake likes to perform. Also, Blake wore a pair of checkered sort of pants that my father used to wear when he thought he was dressing up. Blake wowed America with a great display of his talent. None of the judges recognized the song Blake sang and now they all know how I feel. I hardly recognize any of the songs warbled by these contenders but it doesn't keep me from judging how well they sing. For the most part the judges liked Blake's performance and I thought he gave the best one of the evening.

Next little Sanjaya performed. Sanjaya's big secret was the fact that he does the hula and why doesn't this surprise me? On this night pretty Sanjaya wore his hair straight but he still looked like a girl. Sanjaya sang an awful song and none of the judges liked his performance nor did I. I've been predicting right along Sanjaya's gonna go soon and I still refuse to believe he'll be part of the vaunted top twelve.

Another favorite of mine, Sundance Head, sang. It was no "Mustang Sally" but Sundance has talent. The judges liked Sundance's performance for the most part though Simon complained that Sundance had lost his charm.

Chris RichardsonI "discovered" Chris Richardson last week and this week I thought he performed well too. The judges liked Chris although Simon, never shy with a dig, thought Chris was too timid and sounded a bit "nasally".

Jared Carter was boring and the ever-complimentary Paula complained that Jared "shouted" his song.

Brandon RogersBrandon Rogers sang "Celebrate" and here's a song I knew, hooray! Brandon revealed that he plays classical music on the piano and the audience was treated to a short video of Brandon playing. I was certainly impressed. Brandon gave a good performance and I think he'll squeak through to the next round.

Phil Stacey, who is still bald by the way, did a great job. I think Phil will move on as well.

Finally, the final of my faves, Chris Sligh, sang a great song for his terrific voice. The judges pronounced his performance the best of the night.

The AI 2007 Girls Perform on Wednesday 3/6/07

Perhaps it's my own preference, but I found the girls' night to perform for a shot in the top 12, 3/7/07, to be a far more entertaining show than the boys'.

The evening began with my personal female favorite-Jordin Sparks. Jordin sang a Pat Benatar tune: "You're A Heartbreaker". I distinctly heard some bad nights from Jordin. In fact, Simon declared Sparks' song "a bit shrieky".

Sabrina Sloan performed and I must say this gal's got a good voice. Randy declared her performance one of his faves of hers. The judges all agreed that Sabrina should be part of the top 12 2007 American Idol finalists and I must agree.

Antonella Barba was up next and on this night Simon did comment about the scandal surrounding Antonella. Now I have seen those pics of Antonella that are supposed to be so bad and I don't see a thing wrong with them. In an attempt to hype the series, I really believe "Fox and Friends"-Fox News' morning show-constantly mentions the "scandal" of Antonella's Internet pics. I don't see a scandal in the pictures and we can be assured that the AI contract those youngsters sign is iron-clad. If Antonella has x-rated pics in violation of her contract, she'd get kicked off the show. As it is I think Antonella will be thrown off American Idol 2007 by the audience and strictly for her lack of super stardom to carry the AI 2007 crown.

Haley Scarnatto sang next and she sang some tune titled, I think, "If My Heart Had Wings". This tune had a beginning that sort of was more "talk-sing" to start but had a good refrain that showed off Haley's vocal talents. Which aren't much if one listens to the judges. Simon said, bluntly, that Haley's performance was "horrible".

What's interesting here is that Haley mentioned that she has been getting bad comments from the judges every week and she's learned to slough it off. Two things here...first, she shouldn't have said a thing about prior bad comments as all this does in somehow cement in the viewers' minds that Haley's a bad singer. These contestants should never mention a negative like this. Second, the best thing for these contenders to do is be upbeat at all times lest someone new tuning in senses a contender is weak.

Stephanie Edwards sang a tune that I really didn't like. It was screechy and almost like screaming. All of the judges liked Stephanie's song and her singing with the exception of Randy.

Lakisha Jones is a favorite in this competition and this child does have a wonderful voice. As her "surprising" revelation to the viewers, Lakisha mentioned that she's scared of animals. Wow. I mean, Lakisha made it clear she's scared of, like dogs and cats and things. For sure I'd never suggest a dislike for pets in this animal-loving America country; such an admission could affect the vote. I mean, given a complete tie between two contenders, the audience might go for the singer who actually LIKES pets.

Lakisha 2007 dresses well enough for Simon

Anyway, Lakisha sang a Whitney song and she had no concerns; Lakisha can sing. The judges complimented Lakisha's performance. In an odd judge comment, Simon went out of his way to comment on Lakisha's appearance. This was most because Simon had complained about Lakisha's appearance the prior week so Simon felt compelled to mention how much he liked Lakisha's look for this week's performance. Which Lakisha did look nice, make no mistake. But I thought she looked fine the week that Simon complained and I must wonder who died and made Simon Cowell a fashion critic?

Ah, Gina Glocksen. Well consider this viewer totally prejudiced against Ms. Glocksen and it is my fervent wish that she be voted out and NOT make that coveted top twelve. If she slips through to the top twelve, I hope she is voted out quickly and for sure I hope she doesn't make this year's American Idol.

Why all this disdain for Gina? I simply cannot stand her Goth look...come on, that mesh glove reminds me of Michael Jackson and right there that's a turn off. More than that ugly look that changes pretty females into dark, demonic looking witches, lovely Gina has her TONGUE PIERCED!

Gina Glocksen 2007 with pierced tongue

So okay, lots of American adolescents have pierced tongues but I think every one of them are stupider than stupid. So Gina, let this middle aged close-minded woman post her wish, here, very publicly and read by two to three people a day...I HOPE YOU AND YOUR PIERCED TONGUE GET VOTED OUT.

Finally, Melinda Doolittle sang and let me state right now that there's some buzz going on about Melinda. She seems to be a favorite across the blogosphere so we'll be watching her closely.

I was so amused at Melinda's choice of a song, that campy, tongue-in-cheek tune about frying bacon and making bacon "I'm a Woman". This was a great tune for Melinda and she pulled it off well. Good luck Melinda, we'll see you in the top 6 females for 2007.
Okay, above the dashed line was written before the elimination show on 3/8/07 that would bring the 2007 American Idol contenders to a total of 12-six males and six females. Below I am posting the four eliminated on that night and below this, the final top twelve American Idol contestants for 2007.

The four contenders eliminated on the evening of 3/8/2007 were:
Antonella Barba
Sabrina Sloan
Jared Cotter
Sundance Head

The Top 6 Females 2007:
Gina Glocksen
Haley Scarnato
Jordin Sparks
Lakisha Jones
Melinda Doolittle
Stephanie Edwards

The Top 6 Males 2007:
Blake Lewis
Brandon Rogers
Chris Richardson
Chris Sligh
Phil Stacey

Seattle and Minneapolis 1/16/07 and 1/17/07
Birmingham 1/30/07
San Antonio 2/6/07
The Top 24 2/12/2007
First Four Eliminated
3/1/07-Down to 16
The Top Twelve

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